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Gos Boutique OneTime Skin Matching Manual


Breathtakingly simple skin matching

The exclusive Gos Boutique OneTime HUD makes skin matching easy. Over 100 brands and 7000 skins pre-matched for your convenience. One click, One time. The OneTime HUD and Skin Matching website allow you to match and store skin selections to be used across the entire Gos Boutique line.

Configure. Sync. Apply. Three easy steps to getting that perfect match. Using the OneTime HUD, configure your skin using our easy to use Gos Boutique website. Select a slot and find your skin’s brand, name, and tone. Sync your Gos Boutique OneTime HUD to pull in your skin selections and click the swatch to apply the skin to your shoes. After several clicks, you’ll have perfectly matched feet and be able to use that match on any of your Gos Boutique shoes.

Can’t find your skin? The One Time HUD simplifies the traditional manual skin matching process by providing 17 base tones and an easy to use color selector. Save your Manual Matches to one of the five skin slots and use the HUD’s sync button to store your manual match for your own use across the entire Gos Boutique line.

To get started, wear your favorite Gos Boutique shoes or feet and the [Gos] OneTime Skin Matching HUD




Exclusive OneTime HUD makes skin matching easy

  • Wear or Add the [Gos] OneTime Skin Matching HUD.
  • Use one of our pre-matched skins and have your feet ready to wear with fewer than 5 clicks!



Menu offers additional functionality

  • RESET – Reset the shoes. This may clear up any issues you may be having.
  • PASSWORD – Reset your Gos Boutique website password and view your user name.
  • UPDATE – Check for Product Updates
  • SHOE – This button appears on Collection packs and allows for texture change.
  • SHEATH – Change the skin sheath options (none, short, tall). This allows for better control with seams, skin blending, and fit.
  • HELP



Configure your shoes to match hundreds of popular skins using our unique skin matching website

  • Click Configure
  • Click the link or the Go to page button.
  • The Gos Boutique skin matching site login should appear.
  • Auto Match up to five skins using over 7000 presets.



Synchronise your skin match choices between the website and the HUD.

  • Click the sync button to update your HUD skin matches from the website.
  • Click the sync button to save manual skin matches on the HUD to the website.



Save up to 5 skin matches for use across the entire Gos Boutique line

  • Set slots via Easy or Manual Matching.
  • Use Sync button to synchronise slots to/from website.
  • Click the swatch to quickly change between up to 5 skin settings
  • These swatches are available to any shoes in the range.



Simple, automatic skin matching for over 7000 skins

  • Click the Configure button
  • Click the link or the Go to page button.
  • The Gos Boutique skin matching site login should appear.
  • On the User Skins page, click Choose or Replace next to the slot you want to set.
  • On the Choose Skin page, locate your skin brand/line/tone. In the event your skin is not listed, try using a generic tone from the same brand and using Manual Match to refine. You can save always save your modified match. You can also make a skin matching request!
  • Click the skin swatch that you would like to use.
  • The User Skins page should now show this skin in the slot you chose.
  • Return to the Second Life viewer and click the Sync button. Your skin selection should now appear in one of the 5 skin matches.
  • Click the swatch to apply to your feet.



Use Manual Match to create your own matches

  • Click the Manual Match button.
  • Click on one of the 16 preset skin tones closet to your actual skin color, or use the white textured preset.
  • Adjust the color tone as needed using the color and lightness pickers, or adjust the Hue/Sat/Lum settings using the -/+ buttons. Tutorial videos are available.
  • The adjustments are automatically applied to your skin.
  • To save the swatch for later user, click the Save button and one of the five skin match slots to store the setting,
  • Click the Sync button to sync the changes to your account.


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Over 50 Natural Nail and Polish Options

  • For barefeet or shoes with exposed toes
  • Click the Nails button
  • Click the Natural Nail or Polish to be applied