Skin Matching Milestone!


When Gos Boutique debuted we changed the face of skin matched feet forever with our revolutionary onetime system. Users no longer had to spend what felt like half their SLives trying to tint the impossible. We threw away long established conventions and started fresh with the idea to make life easy for our customers. With almost 300 skin matches from the grid’s finest skin makers just a click away – matching feet suddenly became child’s play.

But we didn’t stop there…

Less than a year later, Gos Boutique’s skin database includes over 6000 skins from over 100 brands, all perfectly matched for your convenience.

Thanks to customer requests and close attention to new releases, we’ve been able to rapidly grow our database.

We’ve added over 3000 skins from more than 500 customer requests with a response time measured in hours.

We have the ability to match skins that are no longer available in SL and provide these customers with a custom preset.

We match ALL the skins so that you don’t have to.

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