New Release – Isabella Sandal

poster_isa_patent_small Stunning from every angle, the Isabella Sandal is the perfect statement shoe for any outfit. Isabella features an open toe with cage-like straps that beautifully frame the foot. Buckled ankle straps and a contrasting metal blade heel provide a striking finish to the elegant strappy sandal.

Isabella features Colour+, which allows colors from the same style shoe to be mixed.

A single color includes two heel and metal options (silver, gold), four sole options (pale, natural, red, and black) and three innersole options (silver, gold, and colored). Buy other colors for additional texture options to mix and match straps, heel, platform, metal, sole, and innersole. Or buy the Regal Collection and mix and match all twelve colours: Silver, Turbulence, Black Patent, Ruby, Beaujolais, Emerald, Vamp, Samba, Koi, Acai, White, and Vivacious.

In addition to the Regal Collection, a separate Mykonos Blue Isabella will be available as a PDSA fundraiser item.

Purchase includes five standard sizes (XXS, XS, S, M, L) of these rigged mesh pumps and the exclusive Gos Boutique HUD which will ensure you have a quick and easy perfect skin match. With over 5500 pre-matched skins, the OneTime HUD takes the pain out of skin matching making it breathtakingly simple. Switching between shoes can be done with a single click.

Visit Gos Boutique or Marketplace to check out Isabella and the rest of the Gos Boutique collection.