I’m a standard size, but my feet don’t fit!

The most common cause of poor fitting is a knee angle that is not set to 50. To check and edit your knee angle:

  1. Make a copy of your shape.
  2. Right click your avatar and edit your shape.
  3. Click on the Legs tab
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the leg settings. Knee Angle is second from the bottom.
  5. Change this to 50 and save your appearance.

Due to the nature of mesh clothing, changes to this value should not make a noticeable difference to your avatar’s appearance but will greatly help with the fit of rigged mesh footwear.

If your knee angle is set to 50 and you are still having issues, your problem may be due to your WindLight setting and/or Graphics settings. Check out the quick guide to Ensure a Perfect Match.