Quick Start Guide

1Wear [Gos] OneTime Skin Matching HUD and Gos Boutique shoes or feet. HUD_main
2Click CONFIGURE to use Easy Match and access thousands of skins that have been matched for your convenience on our OneTime Skin Matching website.


3Go to the website in the SL popup menu. The site will automatically log you in.


4Click the blue button on the slot you want to set.


5Locate your skin and click the appropriate swatch. If you cannot find your skin on the site, you can use the skin match request form on this site or return the HUD and use the Manual Match section. We have the ability to match ANY skin found in SL. site-chooseskin
6Go back to SL and click SYNC. Skin slots will update and show skins selected on website.


7Click the SLOT to apply the skin.


For more detailed instructions, please refer to the OneTime System Manual