OneTime Skin Matching

Breathtakingly simple skin matching

Before add-ons, there was Gos Boutique’s OneTime Skin Matching. 

The exclusive Gos Boutique OneTime HUD makes skin matching easy. Make your own matches and save them, or use one of ours! Over 7,000 skins pre-matched for your convenience. One click, One time. The OneTime HUD and Skin Matching website allow you to match and store skin selections to be used across all Gos Boutique shoes that support the OneTime .

Frequently Asked Questions

Skin Matching

You have two options for skin matching – Easy Match & Manual Match. Easy Match uses our OneTime Skin Matching website which has over 7000 pre-matched skins. Manual Match allows you to match your own or adjust for lighting influences.

Check out our Quick Start Guide or watch one of our Tutorial Videos to get started.

Check out the quick guide to Ensure a Perfect Match.

The OneTime System does not allow for the manual entry of RGB values. RGB tends to make mesh appear “flat”. The OneTime system uses HSL to help your feet look their best. Visit our Video Tutorials to see why!

Check out our list of Pre-Matched Skin Brands. With over 7000 skins, we can’t list out every skin in our database, but a team member can check for a specific skin. 

Many skin creators have switched to standard skin tones. Try using one of the skins or generic tones that are already in the database for that brand, or use Manual Match to create your own.

Check out the Manual Match section of our Manual or watch one of our Tutorial Videos.

There is a SL Viewer Rendering bug that results in a large discrepancy in the lighting between the SL avatar attached rigged mesh prims. Having both Shaders enabled eliminates this discrepancy. Please see the SL Jira for more information.

We match skins using the CalWL Windlight setting. This full bright setting allows us to provide a perfect match for the true skin color without any interference from a Windlight setting’s light influence. Download and set up CalWL.

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OneTime Skin Matching Website & HUD

  • Return to the Users Skins page that displays your skin slots and force your browser to refresh by holding Control (CTRL) and pressing the F5 key.
  • See Troubleshooting the skin website.

Click the HUD’s Sync button to update the HUD and website.

Click the HUD’s Sync button to update the HUD with your selection. Then click the swatch on the HUD to apply it to the foot.

  • Make sure you are in an area with scripts enabled.
  • When you click Configure, an SL dialog menu will pop up on the upper right corner of the menu. Clicking the link in this menu box should send you to the website. If you do not have a menu, try removing and re-attaching the HUD. In most cases this resolves this problem.

Login/Passwords are not required. If you are being prompted to login, check that your browser, or an Add On, is not blocking cookies. Cookies must be enabled for your Web Browser. See Troubleshooting the skin website for more information

You can, but it is not recommended. Cookies and Javascript must be enabled via Preferences.

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Shoes That Support OneTime Skin Matching

The following styles include standard sizes (XXS,XS,S,M,L) with the attached Gos Boutique foot.


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