Ensure a Perfect Match

We want your feet to look their best! Use the following suggestions to make sure they do; and as always, contact support if you run into issues.

Check Your WindLight

Environment Settings should look like this

Skin matching is done using CalWL in order to eliminate lighting influences on the skin. Your feet will look their best on this setting!

To set your viewer’s WindLight to CalWL:

  1. From your viewer’s top menu bar, click World > Environment Editor > Environment Settings
  2. In the window that appears, make sure the Environment Settings look like the picture to the left.

If your viewer does not have CalWL, download and set up CalWL.

Using a WindLight setting other than CalWL, may require skin match adjustments in the Manual Match section of your Gos Boutique OneTime HUD.

Check Your Graphics Preferences

Viewer Graphics Settings. Click to view larger image.

Several of the SL Graphics Shaders can impact the look of your feet. There is a SL Viewer Rendering bug that results in a large discrepancy in the lighting between the SL avatar attached rigged mesh. Having both Shaders enabled eliminates this discrepancy. Please see the SL Jira for more information.

To set your viewer’s Graphics Preferences:

  1. From your viewer’s top menu bar, click Avatar > Preferences.
  2. Click the Graphics tab on the Preference’s windows left menu.
  3. On the General tab, make sure that the three settings in the Shaders Panel (Local Lights, Basic Shaders, and Atmospheric Shaders) look like the picture to the left.

Check Shoe Fit

Standard Size Metrics. Shape values should match these.

Make sure you are wearing the correct size! Many skin-matching issues are caused by improper fit. Gos Boutique shoes are rigged to Standard Sizes and three of these measurements affect your shoes: Body Fat, Leg Muscle, and Knee Angle.

Make sure your shape matches the numbers for the size you are trying to wear using the above table.

If your shape is No Modify and you are not a standard size, or don’t wish to change your shape, try switching to the Short Sheath using the OneTime HUD. This may resolve your issue.