Colour+ is an exciting innovation which combines your shoe colours to give you the power to mix and match without the need for updates or scripted objects of any kind.

For example, if you buy a pair of red shoes marked with the Colour+ symbol along with the same style but in white, both texture options will appear in the Menu. All you need do is to rez or wear each pair to let the system know you own both colors.

Colours can only be shared between like styles. e.g. Lolita Espadrilles can only be combined with other Lolita Espadrilles. Shoe styles that support Colour+ will be easily identified by a red logo in the top right hand corner of their supporting posters and vendor images.

Styles below support the Colour+ system.

Bardot | Collection

Enigma | Gacha

Gigi | Greenery

Kylie | Collection

Gigi | Collection

Janet | Collection

Karima | Collection

Karrueche | Snorkel Blue

Monza | Collection

Reign | Collection

Vamp | Gacha

Jazz | Gacha

Lesina | Collection

Snowboots | Gacha

Bellona | French Navy

Wellies | Gacha

Blade | Collection

Anette | Colour Collection

Anette | Pattern Collection

Hi tops | Gacha

Bellona | Collection

Kashou – Koi

Karrueche | Collection

Low tops | Gacha

Shania | Collection

Taylor | Collection

Debbie | Collection

Vicky | Collection

Kashou | Collection

Morticia | Collection

Vanessa | Collection

Jenny | Pattern Collection

Skull | Marsala

Jenny | Stripes Collection

Skull | Collection

Audrey | Classic Collection

Audrey | Abyss Collection

Audrey | Mermaid Collection

Barbed | Collection

Chelsea | Collection

Suzi | Collection

Victoria | Pink

Victoria | Precious Collection

Charlotte | Tangerine

Miranda | Midnight Roses

Miranda | Bouquet Collection

Charlotte | Collection

Miranda | Swallows Collection

Charlotte | Patent

Foxy Mule | Collection

Foxy Sandal | Collection

Halle | Brilliant Collection

Halle | Silver Snake

Carrie | Valentine

Samantha | Resort Collection

Carrie | Winter Collection

Samantha | Patent

Carrie | Patent

Harley | Collection

Dita | Neon Blue

Rock Chic | Denim

Rock Chic | Collection

Dita | Collection

Bonnie | Collection

Isabella | Regal Collection

Isabella | Magic Collection

Paris | Emerald & Plum

Lauren | Pastel Collection

Paris | Metallic Collection

Paris | Patent & Satin Collections

Lauren | Silver

Lauren | Flora

Lauren | Truffle Collection

Lauren | Jewel Collection

Eva | Baby Collection

Eva | Classic Collection

Lolita – Cupcake

Ursula | Fuchsia

Flip Flops (Gos Flat Add-On) | Paint

Ursula | Colour Collection

Lolita | Summer

Flip Flops (Gos Flat Add-On) | Colour Collection

Lolita | Peony

Lolita | Cherry Blossom

Lolita | Colour Collection