PDSA Fundraiser Update #1

letter_1Gos/Gos Boutique began its fundraising efforts for the PDSA back in October 2012. After a very slow start due to the delay in opening the Boutique, we are pleased to announce that, together, we have raised an amazing £1553.14 (around $2364) as an initial donation to the PDSA.

This generous donation will go to help care for the pets of people in need by providing free veterinary services to their sick and injured animals and promoting responsible pet ownership.

Many thanks to Penny (PurplePenny Broome) for her tireless efforts on our behalf to get this money to the PDSA. She jumped through many hoops for this initial donation.

We’d also like to thank those who have supported this campaign by making donations and purchasing the special PDSA releases. It is through your kindness that this is possible.

We hope you’ll continue your generosity with our future PDSA releases. 100% of the proceeds from each and every sale of these exclusive designs will be donated to the PDSA.

PDSA releases are located in the center of Gos Boutique.